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Tbilisi, the City Where Historic Meets Modern

Photo of Tbilisi, the city where historic and modern melt into each other
Ana Mikeladze 

Tbilisi is a majestic city, rich with history baked right into its modern core. The capital of Georgia has been standing proud since 455 and you can see all of it in its streets - tall, magnificent churches standing on the hills, old fortresses overlooking the Mtkvari river, historic bridges connecting the two banks of the city and so much more!

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Walking through the oldest streets (literally dubbed as "Old Tbilisi") of the city will give you a chance to experience the once-in-a-lifetime magic that is witnessing one of the oldest cultures of the world while never having left the modern, 21st century European city. Here you will see the old, colorful houses built with wood, gilded balconies were you can sit in shade on a sunny day and sip hot, delicious coffee or a tea of your choice, the magnificent "Abanotubani" baths laid with old, red bricks, and so much more!

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Here even the modern is saturated with history. The Rustaveli Aveniu pictured above is one of the busiest cultural centers you can find anywhere in Europe! Between every office building that is shooting up to the sky or the giant five star hotels you will see a museum of arts, an opera house, a church... Rustaveli Aveniu is not only a cultural center of Tbilisi but it also the political center of it, with the Georgian Parliament sitting right in the middle of it (seen on the right side of the photo) and the State Chancellery of Georgia just less then a 0.5 kilometers away from it a bit inward, and the highest court of the state nearby.

As you walk down the Rustaveli Aveniu you will see the State Academy of Sciences, Georgian National Opera and Ballet Theater of Tbilisi, Kashveti Church of St. George, Georgian National Museum, and the Rustaveli National Theatre to name just a few before you end up at the famed Liberty Square - truly, a must see for everyone!

Rike Park and the Bridge of Peace in the Background Tbilisi Georgia 1822726604.281e5cde

Step outside of the busy streets of Tbilisi for a moment and you will be instantly plunged into the ever present greenness that you'll find in one of many parks and gardens around. The Rike park pictured above is just around the corner and it's a breathe to walk through. Here you can enjoy the fountains, the green trees and the nicest smelling meadows while never actually getting that far from the beating heart of the city. So grab yourself an ice cream or a coffee and enjoy the view!

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But, if you are looking for something more than a desert to enjoy on a hungry stomach, well... you are in luck - Tbilisi is renowned for its cuisine and the multitude of options it offers! Everything here is delicious and by everything we mean everything. In Tbilisi you can find gastronomic offerings from all cultures from around the world be it Japanese sushi, American burger, spicy Arabic meat, or the local which we cannot help ourselves recommend to you above all else. Georgia is the home the the world renowned Khinkali, Adjarian Khachapuri, Churchkhela, and so much more that it will take you months to sample everything that it has to offer and Tbilisi has all of it for you within the reach of your fingers.

National Botanical Garden of Georgia in Tbilisi During the Autumn 1661982775.e6570eef

And finally, if want a true walk through the nature you can visit National Botanical Garden of Georgia that is, you guessed, right in the center of Tbilisi! It is a huge territory, home to many local, indigenous species of plants of all sizes, and also a welcoming place for the imported trees and flowers that you wouldn't find here otherwise. National Botanical Garden of Georgia is truly a marvel to see and it should not be skipped out on if you have the time for it.

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For this small tour of the center of Tbilisi to remain small we must stop going on and on about the city here, having after told you only about its literal center but you should know that all that we have mentioned above is nothing but a drop in the ocean compared to what the rest of Tbilisi, "the Jewel of Europe" has to offer. With Xlood Travel Inc. you can be sure that your visit to this wonderful city will be an unforgettable one, so what are you waiting for?!

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